Rosie the riveter

You have probably seen these famous World War II propaganda featuring the iconic Rosie the Riveter. On the left is the arguably more famous Rosie on a 1942 poster for Westinghouse flexing her “We Can Do It!” muscle. On the right is the May 1943 cover of the Saturday Evening Post by Norman Rockwell. These images represent millions of real American women to went to work in shipyards and airplane factories, rubber plants and steel mills, the military and US intelligence. Yes indeed, “they DID it.” This blog is dedicated to them.

Today Rosie is a symbol of female empowerment. Although some could argue…not… as stated in this 2014 article with all due respect to Beyonce. We will get into the feminist arguments about Rosie at some point in this blog.

First, however, I hope you will allow me to indulge in preserving some family history. The story of Leo and Dorothy and how they met is what has inspired me to take on this challenge. Researching their story has inspired me further.